The Decline Of The Renaissance Essay

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This paper accounts for the reason why the Renaissance primarily flourished in Italy. The Renaissance is often described as a certain period in history, yet this periodization is contested by some historians as it is not as linear as the Age of King Louis XIV (Bartlett, p.2). Instead, the Renaissance is a fluid notion that sought to define stself according to the highly admired doctrines of ancient Greece and Rome as “urban, cosmopolitan, and often republican Italian scholars and statesmen” believed it to be a reflection of their own experiences, instead of the “rural, feudal, usually monarchical values of Medieval Europe” (Bartlett, p. 5). Although the start of Renaissance in Italy can be accounted to the geographical location of the Italian peninsula, I argue in this paper that it was the fragmentation of Italy after the collapse of the Roman empire that allowed the Italian city-states to flourish and the commencement of the Crusades further reinforced the wealth accumulated from revolution in trade and commerce (Bartlett, p. 94). These affluent middle-class merchants who held a lot of influence in individual cities helped establish the values of the Renaissance.
The fall of the Roman empire resulted in the lack of intervention from a singular political leader in Italy. It gave the states the freedom to control their own economic system, a feature distinctive from the rigid practices prevalent in northern Europe and had resulted in the development of mercantile systems…

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