Essay The Decline Of The Beef Industry

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In the last two centuries the beef industry has undergone many changes. From the coming of refrigerated train cars to Government regulations. As the population of the earth has grown, cattlemen have had to change their operations in order to feed the world. But as we try to feed more cattle in a smaller area, sickness spreads like wildfire if not treated with antibiotics.
Cattle were first brought to the America’s in 1493 on Columbus’s second voyage. (Bravodelux, 2013)Spanish and Portuguese trading ships continued to bring cattle to Southern North America. Many of these cattle ended up on Spanish ranches in Mexico and Texas, where they were butchered for their hides and tallow but rarely for their meat.
In the year 1611 the British started to bring cattle to their colonies on the East Coast. But there too cattle were used, not as beef but for their largely for their milk. Most of the meat that was consumed was wild game.
The California Gold Rush in 1849 brought thousand of miners to California, miners that needed meat and couldn’t waste time hunting for it. Some enterprising Texans rounded up cattle, that, in Texas were worth 5 to 10 dollars a head, and drove them to California where they were worth up to twenty times that.(Time-Life Books & Tanner, 1977, p. xx)
After the Civil War the East was filling up and the game was running out. Demand for beef began to increase, but there weren’t enough cattle to keep up with demand.There were Millions of wild cattle in Texas that had…

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