The Decline Of The American Industrial Revolution Essay

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The American Industrial Revolution resulted in one of the greatest periolds of growth in all of world history. With industrial growth came marked social change for people from all classes, ultimately affecting not only the structure of America but society itself. The Industrial Revolution began after Reconstruction following the Civil War, as a growing nation, still more agricultural at it core and lasted until the cusp of the World War I, by which time the economy was highly industrial. According to the historians in the video, the U.S. 's Gross National Product increased fourty-four percent during the years of 1874 to 1883; this was the first of many big changes. The United States became an international power during this time as well. Before the American Industrial Revolution, rural agriculture was the primary economy. There were some textile businesses in New England, but most of America 's exports were foodstuffs and cash crops. Once the civil war began, the Nort started ramping up industrial production in preparations for the needs and transports required for battle. After the Civil War, the economy underwent increasing transformation into industrial forms. Immigration during this period was high. Most of the immigrants who came worked in factories. The population exploded. America had no true provisions at the time for this change though. Life changed greatly during this period. Before the Industrial Revolution, outside of farming, business was centered…

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