Essay on The Decline Of China During The 20th Century

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When being a leader of a country, people would think that they are doing everything they can to make sure their country is leading in the right direction without others influences coming inside. China during the 18th century to mid-20th century had a lot of concerns, but the main concern that would be at the forefront would be the decline the people and the leaders saw that their country were headed to. From doing research I would say that the decline of china would have to be caused by the western powers being involved in china. Some of the causes that the western power did to make China have its decline would include the opium wars, the May 4th movement and lastly the rebellions in china. All three of these had some effect on how china would be after these events happened and they weren’t in a good way. First off the opium war was “fought between Britain and China; triggered by the British outcry against Lin Zexu’s confiscation of British opium, and by Chinese anger at the murder of a Chinese by the British. Hostilities were initially confined to canton and to the east china coast as far north as Tianjin. When British forces threatened the Yangzi delta city of Nanjing, the Qing sued for peace, signing the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842” , stated by Jonathan Spence. This definition of the opium war gives us the insight on how the western power stepped in and started their takeover of china. The first opium war was during 1839 through 1842. This war was concluded by making…

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