The Decline Of Canad Small Business And The Effect On The Average Canadian

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The decline of Canada: small business and the effect on the average Canadian

In the past century, one could say that we as a country have reached standards of living, not seen until today. However, it is often neglected that there are many issues faced by todays populace. Be it the economy, over taxation, or debt faced by many. The main issue comes down to the economy, and while a broad topic, this paper will touch on a few subjects of the matter. In todays economy, it has become increasingly hard to find success as an individual or small business, and one does not make much in return for their hard work and time spent anymore. This paper will not cover some of the nuances like the pay gap that may or may not exist. However, as a whole, people are finding it increasingly hard to make ends meet. To expand on this, it would be best suited to cover small businesses as they are hard hit by the current economy. In Canada, the average small business is expected to fail within the first five years, a staggering 80% as indicated by statistics Canada (1). Even with help from the government in the forms of tax breaks, funding, or special privileges, it still remains true that small businesses are not fairing well. This is not a good sign as our country relies on small business to provide jobs for the average citizen, and without them the current situation will only get worse. To expand on the previous topic and to introduce the next point, it takes money to make money, at least…

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