Essay on The Declaration Of War Against Germany

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In Document 1: “President Woodrow Wilson Asks Congress to Declare War, 1917”, President Wilson went before the Congress to ask them for the declaration of war against Germany; thus, result U.S. joining World War I. He talked about Germany’s submarine tactics, sinking down vessels entering the ports controlled by the Allied Powers. He further talked about Germany agreed to a set of demands that is set by Wilson. The demands included showing restraint in sinking down ships, passenger boats would not be sunk, and vessels would be given a fair warning and given opportunity to save their lives in their lifeboats. However, Germany had not lived up to these terms and has continued to destroy vessels with no compassion. Wilson explained that the motive for entering the war was not for revenge or asserts the might of the nation, but for the human right of democracy.
World War I was created by contenders who are willing to make any sacrifice to obtain a complete victory. This characteristic was exemplified by Germany’s phases of unrestricted submarine warfare. Even though the Germans knew that by allowing submarines to sink on sight would pose a potential threat to neutral nations which would result in skewing the balance of war against their favor, they were willing to use submarines for the possibility of victory. The possibility of victory is greater than the risk of absolute failure. Thus, the foundations of diplomacy and international law evolved during WWI as Germany’s…

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