The Declaration Of The Rights Of Women's Rights By Marie Olympe De Gouges

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Marie Olympe de Gouges was a feminist and an advocate of women's rights. Her most famous work was The Declaration of the Rights of Woman, (1791) in which she wrote after the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen" in 1789 stating that French citizenship was limited to males.
Olympe de gouges main arguments :
- She fought for equal rights
- She championed women’s rights in her Declaration of the Rights of Woman and Female Citizen
- She texts chart her battles against justice and inequality her belief that solidarity
- She pleaded against slavery and the death penalty, dreamt of a more equal society and proposed intelligent taxation plans to enable wealth to be more fairly dived
- She called for a form of welfare
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She wrote her most famous pamphlet The Declaration of the Rights of Women and of the Citizen in response to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. The document included 17 articles outlining the basic rights that should be extended to women, including the right to liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression; the right to participate fully in the making of laws that they are to abide by; the right to participate at all levels of government; and the right to voice opinions in public. Her documents stated that women have the same rights as men and her declaration detailed what these rights should be “liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression, etc. just as men declared themselves equal to participate in government, her document stated that women should have the right to participate in government and lawmaking, as well as openly voice their opinions. She also claimed rights to publicly name the father of a child born outside of marriage and to confer with public officials on the finical status of the …show more content…
The idea of true womanhood does not involve political views and only revolves around domestic abilities, and anything outside of that is considered to be unwomanly, or “unnatural.” My personal belief is male and female genders should be viewed as equal in society politically, in a marriage etc. Its it’s important to be aware that in a lot of societies including France the female gender is always sub-par compared to her male counterpart even though I feel women made a lot of victories throughout history there was still little progress made overall and women were still kept out of the political sphere in

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