The Declaration Of The Rights Of Man And Citizen It Essay

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Short Essay One Rights are desired through the new ideas from the Enlightenment and are expressed through the grievances and problems the people have with their government, but the rights explained are not for all people but for a select few. In The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen it says, “contempt of the rights of man are the sole causes of public misfortunes”, which is a prime example of Enlightenment thought. In the Enlightenment people such as John Locke developed the idea of a social contract with the government, which stated the government has an obligation to its people and if it fails the people have a right to a new government. The structure also backs up the ideas of the Enlightenment by the phrases “rights of man” and “citizens” showing that everyone would be equal in the eyes of the government. The phrase “rights of man” does go against the ideas of the Enlightenment that everyone should be equal including women, non-landowning men, and Africans (Panopto Chapter 15, PowerPoint Three, PartTwo). The Jamaica letter argues that the Spanish “born in Americas do have been despoiled of their constitutional rights” because they are considered a lower class to the peninsulares. The thought of constitutional rights is from the Enlightenment through the idea of power to the people and creates the tension in the letter that the people are serfs to Spain. The phrase “liberal nation” reinforces the idea that he wants a country for the people and not subjugated…

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