The Declaration Of The Founding Fathers Of Our Country Devised A Constitution With A Bill Of Rights

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Our country was built on the ideas life,liberty, and property. To achieve these ideals the Founding Fathers of our country devised a constitution with a Bill of Rights. All of these rights have led to a safer and brighter future for America. However, one of the most argued and most controversial of these Amendments is the Second Amendment, and it simply shouldn’t be. Guns bring a balance and a sense of safety when used in the right hands. Imagine this you pull up to your house one day and your door is wide open. You can hear voices come from the inside, and your immediate instincts are to call the police. When the police show up your feel of uneasiness and horror suddenly disperse and you feel a sense of safety. The reason you suddenly feel this way is because the responders to your call are armed with firearms. What happens one when you forget your phone at work and there is no way to contact local authorities. All of sudden that sense of uneasiness grows astronomically higher, and you don’t feel as safe. We shouldn’t have to feel helpless or afraid when we don’t have a way out. We reserve the right to protect ourselves and we reserve the right to carry firearms. Controversy looms with gun ownership and how it makes our country unsafe. However we’ve seen so many indicators that as more guns come into circulation and the numbers of registered guns come into circulation, that the number of murders and homicide rates decreases. The United States is number one in the world in…

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