The Declaration Of The Founding Document Essay

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The Declaration of independence- the founding document of our country, and many modeled after it. The Declaration promises and represents freedom, democracy, and unity. Writing the Declaration was a scandalous project, as was ratifying it. Ratifying the Declaration meant leaving Britain, freedom, but also treason, which was punishable by death. An image far from what the settlers had when they came to this country in 1607. In 1607, few settlers would have would have predicted that by 1776 a revolution would be unfolding in America, much less a war. The reasons seemed lacking, to the British, as the rebellion slowly kindled. It was not as if the colonies were in a state of decline, rather, they were relatively prosperous; they raised crops, which hefted quite the prices in Britain. King George III was not particularly despotic or menacing, surely not to the degree his predecessors of the previous century had been, or to the point that his subjects felt the need to escape the country. And especially not to the people of America. He had been so kind, spending his money on expeditions and buying from them, as well as loaning them land to work on. He gave a second life to criminals, an honest life, a life of hard work and prosperity. For is that not what America stands for?

How, then, in those few middling years did everything oscillate? What made the American settlers, most of whom thought of themselves as Loyal English subjects to the crown, want to break the bonds…

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