The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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The Declaration of Independence is list of grievances and separation from its mother country .the colonist was created to benefit the mother country Britain’s mercantilism but the high taxes caused a rift. Yet the document became they symbol of freedom for the colonists and anybody facing the same grievances. The document was one of the first to declare the colonists as Americans and the birth of an independent nation. It set forth philosophy of freedom which was therefore became the dynamic of the united states of American.
Before the Declaration of Independence was ratified and signed in July 4, 1776, several events led to the declaration. The start of the tyranny of the British King was set after the French and Indian war also known as the 7 year war lasted from 1754 to 1763. The French and Indian was due to the long standing war between the British monarchy and the French, the British wanted to expand the lands in to the French territory as land was scared and started a war with the French. The native Indian aligns themselves with the French as they had a good relationship in trading goods. The war was costly to British in addition the Proclamation of 1763 was created which stated no expansion towards the west, duty on most imported goods and imposed direct and indirect taxes. Direct taxes is imposed and collected on a specific group of people or organizations. Indirect Tax are collected from someone or some organization other than the person or entity that would…

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