The Declaration Of Independence : Reasons For Becoming Independent From Great Britain

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The Declaration of Independence was ratified on July 4th, 1776. The declaration outlined 27 reasons for becoming independent from Great Britain and was signed by 56 Continental Congress delegates. The introduction of the Declaration of Independence is one long sentence explaining the purpose behind the document. The Declaration of Independence was written by a very educated group of people; many of the signers were lawyers. The introduction references to God and there is a huge debate on whether or not the God reference is general or specific. The introduction ends by saying that the document was written out of respect for governance. The Preamble precedes the introduction and is one of the most important texts ever written, discussing the philosophical reasons behind the Declaration; the rights for people to live, govern themselves and have liberty. The Preamble begins with a list of the self-evident truths that state that you inherit the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness by simply being alive and no one has the right to deprive you of these things. The Preamble then says that the government is only responsible for protecting our rights, nothing more, nothing less. The Preamble also states that the government has no more power than the people grant it. The government is an extension of the people. Disrupting this total power would equal tyranny. According to the Declaration, should the government be increasingly abusive towards citizens for a long period…

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