The Declaration Of Independence Of The United States Essay

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The Declaration of Independence of the United States was made to inform the world that 13 united colonies of America were now free from Great Britain. It also explains why America decided to separate from the British and that their reasons why justifiable. America was now free to do anything that other independent states had to right to do. The newly states believed that God would provide them with a protection while trying to establish a form of government. There are two historians that interpreted what the Declaration of Independence meant to them, by the names of Bernard Bailyn and Howard Zinn. Bailyn’s interpretation said, “The Declaration of Independence represents the colonists ' deepest fears and beliefs. The colonists believed they saw a clear pattern in the events that followed 1763. They believed they saw an evil and deliberate conspiracy to crush liberty in America. They saw evidence of this conspiracy in the Stamp Act and in the Coercive Acts. They also believed that America was destined to play a special role in history. They believed that America would become "the foundation of a great and mighty empire, the largest the world ever saw, to be founded on principles of liberty and freedom, both civil and religious." The colonists believed that England was trying to enslave them, and that they should use "all the power which God has given them" to protect themselves.” While inn’s interpretation said, “It seemed clear to the educated, upper-class colonists that…

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