The Declaration Of Independence From Great Britain Essay

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Many colonists are rallying for Independence from Great Britain through protest, boycotts, and even war. The Patriots are willing to take on a war against the greatest and strongest empire in the world despite the fact that it will bring about countless casualties. It is important that we as subjects of Great Britain take a step back and look at the faults in the plan to gain Independence, because ideologically and pragmatically rallying for this cause will prove to be detrimental to all. Although the Declaration of Independence looks promising there are many faults
Ideologically, as subjects of the British Empire it is illegal and unjust to participate in an armed rebellion against our mother country, and more importantly against our king and parliament. As Locke has mentioned before we are all subjects of the king and parliament through tacit consent, and as subjects of the British Empire the colonists have no grounds to rebel against the empire. We need to realize that the British government is the best government we could ask for, it is a system ruled by the king, the upper class and the people. Our king influences the people, and without such control of the king we would become a democracy, a government solely run by the people, which would be unwise. (Chalmers 184) If we look at democratic states around the world, such as Greece and Rome they are prime examples of the problem democracy brings, they are two countries that are constantly in a state of war. (Chalmers…

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