The Declaration Of Independence For The United States Of America

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July 4 of this year will mark the 240th year for the publication of the Declaration of Independence for the United States of America. Although the United States signed the Declaration of Independence in July of 1776, this did not mark the first day of independence from Great Britain. The beginning of English settlements in America were based mainly on wealth and land. This can be seen by the Jamestown settlement. King James I gave the Virginia Company of London lands covering from present-day North Carolina to southern New York. They named the region Virginia, honoring the never married Queen Elizabeth I. The men dispatched for the settlement had no ability to support themselves. They were expected to go and find the riches of this new found land such as pearls or gold. Some of them were young with the idea of getting here to escape worse conditions from back home, while as others were hoping to make a quick profit. The quote “dig gold, refine gold, and load gold” was what one man said they all wanted (p.41). Then, another colony emerged around 1632, Maryland. Under the rule of Lord Baltimore, Maryland became a refugee for Catholics, who were subject to persecution in England. This was only the beginning of what became of the real battle between religious freedom(Pg. 43). Following the establishment of Virginia and Maryland, 102 English Protestants landed where they called Plymouth, near Cape Cod in 1602. By 1640, the region accumulated 20,000 migrants. The parties…

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