Essay about The Declaration Of Independence Contained The Phrase

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The Declaration of independence contained the phrase “all men are created equal”, which was written by Thomas Jefferson. As a reader the phrase “all men are created equal” means that all men no matter of color, social position, wealthy, financials status, and culture are all created equal to one another. That all men abide and follow the same law and that all men have the same rights as citizen. It also means that humans are naturally free to make their own choices. On the other hand, the phrase to the founders of the republic meant that all men are created equal under the authority of God. Meaning that all men were responsible to obey Gods law. Basically the founders were God. They were the ones who judged mean if they thought he was not flowing gods law. Jefferson himself had a lot of slaves so how come all theses slaves were not under the phrase “all men are created equal” that was Witten by “him.” The meaning of the phrase to the founders really meant that all free, property owning males are created equal. The founders were the ones who gave the phrase its definition. Equality changes based on what the founders want. The founders were hypocrite against many groups of people. Women were one of those groups for example, in our history women were never looked at the same way men were looked at. They did not have the same opportunities as me. They stayed at home to take care of their kids, to cooking, and to make clothes. Also were were never able to vote no matter of color…

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