The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Naturally, Independence Day is celebrated in our country with fireworks, food, family and fun. However, what is the history behind the day Americans call our birthday? July 4, 1776, is an infamous historic day when the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson was created. Historians for centuries have spoken on the controversy surrounding Jefferson. In the course of making the film Thomas Jefferson, the prominent Ken Burns interviewed 24 commentators. Julian Bond, John Hope Franklin, and Jan Lewis attracted my attention with their perspective on Thomas Jefferson. One who could compose a document of this magnitude and address values and morals of equal opportunity has to exemplify nobility. Compelling enough Jefferson expressed equality and liberty, while he owned slaves. Describing Jefferson’s character could be challenging for some people. Independence and freedom conveyed through the declaration, is far from how Jefferson lived in his private life. Jefferson’s reasons behind not freeing his own slaves were demented; believing they would turn against him and other slave owners is a way to justify his theory. I believe Jefferson was aware that freeing the slaves would certainly be detrimental to his way of living, considering at that time in history slaves were a considerable part of building the economy. Should Jefferson have considered setting an example? Does his personal life take away from the meaning of the Declaration of Independence? These are…

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