The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson Essay

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The language of political revolutions has guided other groups in their movement toward change. Documents of political revolution such as The Declaration of Independence and The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen have had a major influence on the women’s rights campaign and documents written in support of their cause. The documents are similar in language, organization, and overall idea of laws that should be enforced in society. Although these documents were written in different times and places, they emphasized the desire for a government that would help groups gain representation. The women’s rights campaign have adapted these documents to further their cause in their movement toward representation. The Declaration of independence was written by Thomas Jefferson and adopted by congress on July 4, 1776. Thomas Jefferson was known as a philosopher, statesman, diplomat, party leader, architect, and the third president of the United States, which are all reflected in this document. The Declaration of Independence was written as a result of the American Revolution. The abuse of the king caused fighting to break out, and the leaders of congress picked a committee to make a statement explaining why the colonies wanted independence. The Declaration of Independence consisted of three parts; natural laws and rights, charges against King George III, and American independence. Part one justified revolution, and emphasized that all men are created equal and…

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