Essay on The Declaration Of Independence And The United States

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The Declaration of Independence is the document that the United States of America should hold most dear. It is the document that gave birth to the nation, and it is the document that made a statement across the world. The Declaration of Independence is the document from which our unalienable rights, equality, and freedom stem. It was drafted to sever the political ties and connections between the American colonists and the British crown, and it served a purpose in making a stand against the tyranny of the British government. The colonists were growing tired of political oppression, taxation, and not having a voice in parliament. Tensions rose high between the colonies and Britain in 1764 due to the implication of what is known as the Plantation act. The Plantation Act (commonly known as the “Sugar Act”) was approved by Parliament to help cover the cost of the Seven Year’s War, which had recently ended. The war itself had cost the British one hundred and thirty million pounds. Since the British felt as though they had a very high tax rate and the colonists paid little, they could burden the colonists with covering the cost of the war. The Plantation Act raised the duty of sugar, coffee, wine, and silk while lowering the taxes and duties on imported molasses. Author Alan Pierce (2004) states that by passing the Sugar Act, Parliament had asserted that it had the right and authority to impose taxes on the colonists strictly for revenue. The Plantation Act failed to produce the…

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