The Declaration Of Independence And The Founding Fathers Essay

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When writing the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers were focused on a few different things, but mainly, they were concerned with gaining independence from Great Britain. All of the language used in the document was toyed with and edited to become the Declaration we have today, and the one that was sent overseas to Britain. With this in mind, many use the Declaration of Independence as an endorsement for slavery but how could a document based on freedom condone slavery? Calhoun makes the argument that the wording has made it such. Taney follows suit, making it clear that he does not believe slaves were included in the Declaration. Lincoln, however, disputes the exact opposite, declaring that all of their assumptions about the Declaration are false. He reminds all in his many speeches that Jefferson and the founding fathers did not write the Declaration to be pro-slavery and most of the founders were anti-slavery, as well. The Declaration of Independence is anti-slavery, despite what many pro-slavery advocators have made its phrasing out to be. Calhoun is one of the many who believes the Declaration of Independence advocates slavery rather than refutes it. In his Speech on the Oregon Bill, he remarks that it contains “the most false and dangerous of all political errors.” (421). The political error he is referring to is the assumption that “all men are born free and equal”. Though the Declaration does not include this phrase, it actually states that “all men…

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