Essay on The Declaration Of Independence And Equality

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The Declaration of Independence was supposed to bring about the freedom and equality of all within America. Throughout this short essay I will discuss two groups and how they did not achieve freedom or equality because of the Declaration of Independence. The two groups are; women and African Americans. Firstly, the women wanted to be furthered in society, no longer just wanted to be seen as wives and mothers. They want to be able to become involved politically and have the right to vote just like men. They had views and opinions and they wanted them to be supported. This was not to be the case as with the backward society women were still seen as unimportant to society. They wanted the opportunity to become more professional and show that they had skills and intelligence. The other group, the African Americans were attempting to earn freedom so they could live normal lives and live ‘equally’ as the Declaration had stated. They wished to no longer be seen as the burden to society, they wanted to no longer be forced to work in slave labour. They wanted to be free, this was the same for African American’s who were not slaves they were still held back by society. They decided they would fight in an attempt to earn freedom and liberty which will be discussed later.
Women did not benefit from the Declaration of Independence, despite the assertion that the declaration would further equality throughout the nation. The Declaration of Independence did not discuss women’s rights and…

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