The Decisions Made During Ones Youth : The Greatest Influence On The Persons ' Journey Into Becoming A Man

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The decisions made during ones youth is the greatest influence on the persons’ journey into becoming a man/woman. Growing up in a poverty stricken area or a troubled household normally sways young teens to retaliate in destructive ways. These distressed kids commonly develop or join violent street gangs that involve other young teens that share similar issues and interests. Prison and street gangs have damaged the face of America and embedded a sense of fear in the citizens that neighbor them. Not only does this gang violence torment our public’s image and places of incarceration, but they also destroy their own members’ present and future lives.
A common way for gang members make a name for themselves, within their group, is by street corner drug dealing. Unfortunately, violence arises from these minor deals as they begin to become a source of the major harm done to the communities that are involved. In the government article, “Drug Trends In Our Neighborhood”, the Metropolitan Police Department stresses the importance of stopping these hand-to-hand deals because they frequently result in “burglary, street robberies, assaults, and sometimes homicide (often between rival drug dealers over turf or failed drug deals)” (Metropolitan P.D 2). Fortunately for the gang members, the police forces most effective form of fighting this problem relies on the reports of suspicious activities that citizens give them. This poor tactic gives the drug dealing gang members an ample amount…

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