Essay about The Decision Of Office Space Or Community Space

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To make the decision between office space or community space, it would best to follow the rational decision-making model. These steps include stages such as allocating weights to the criteria, developing and evaluating the alternative and then choosing the best alternative. If we follow each step, we can come to a decision on whether or not go with the office space or community center. We must first identify what the problem is. The problem is that this abandoned building is causing a negative impact on the community’s reputation and look. In order to solve this, we must either choose to between converting it to an office building or a community center. Two are very viable options which can provide great gain and feedback within the community, however, in choosing an options we must consider the goals of the community. The goals are simple, make a revenue and improve the surrounding community quality of life. We have defined the problem and now we are left with two decision to make. Both decisions are very good options, however, we must figure out which option would fulfill both goals set by the community. The community center could easily offer a high quality of life as it could serve as a fitness or recreation center for community members to improve themselves. It could also help generate revenue by offering opportunities to rent out spaces to catered events. Building an office space is clearly a great way to generate revenue by renting out office…

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