The Decision Making Style Quiz Essay

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After completing the decision-making style quiz, I was able to determine my highest style of decision making is an analytical style with my lowest style reflecting a behavioral style of decision-making.
I agree with the feedback provided and recognize characteristics of my decision-making style across all styles, however, agree with analytical being my highest and behavioral being my lowest. A characteristic of being analytical is acquiring information by careful analysis and utilizing large amount of data. In my role as a Program Manager and being responsible for producing inventory management to my client, I have to carefully analyze the trends of our product and produce tangible data to our clients to ensure proper purchase orders are placed. By tracking the trends of products sold over a 12 month period, I can accurately determine the quantity which needs to be place without creating a stock out issue to the client, in turn, also not over purchasing items and create a bloating effect of a particular style, color or size. On one occasional after recommending to a client to go with a black or red chef coat, the client selected to produce a white chef coat against my suggestion. I warned the client, staining would occur and the grease from their machinery would likely not come out of the garment. Six months into rollout, the white chef coats had become a dingy grey and the client had nearly 2500 units of white chef coats in stock totaling nearly $90,000 worth of inventory.…

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