The Decision Making Process And Selecting A Contractor For A Construction Project Following Request For Proposals

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The decisions a company makes when expanding their business has a direct impact on the overall success of the new venture. An organization must carefully consider the vendors that it will utilize, as well as the process exercised to evaluate potential partners to ensure the success of an expansion project. In order to understand this process more effectively, this paper will discuss the events of a case study regarding the decision making process in evaluating and selecting a contractor for a construction project following request for proposals (RFP). The case study involves an organization that is reviewing submission for RFPs from four bidding contractors. The parent company, Omega Consolidated Industries, is a worldwide organization that is undertaking a project to build a new manufacturing facility in China. The facility is budgeted for $180 million for the construction with startup equipment and systems and the project should be completed within two years (Study Mode Research, 2014). The project team had expected more submissions, but the organization had received three RFPs with one additional RFP that was submitted five days after the deadline (Study Mode Research, 2014). The case study contains the important details of each proposal, the proposed budgets, and the details about the businesses that the team would need to make an informed decision on the contractor. The following discussions are based on the questions at the end of the case study.


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