Essay about The Decision Making Of The Application Food Company

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In Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr. lecture, Defining Moments he asked the important question about decision-making. He asked not how to make a decision about what is right vs. what is wrong, but he asked how do you make the decision of what is right vs. right. In the application food company, the decision to pick between the two applicants is a right vs. right decision. Based on both applicants’ qualifications hiring one over the other will result in that there is no right or wrong decision, both applicants could work for the company and no one citizen or society as a whole will be harmed in the decision of who is hired. The decision of hiring either of the two applicants is based on the ethical decision making of the decision. And what is the is best decision for the company and what message you are trying to send to future employees and customers. I have always been taught the primary values and ethics that I use to this day. As a child by my parents, grandparents, and elders told me that it is important to do the right thing in the decision that you make. My family is very religious and follow try to follow the messages in the bible. My family believed and taught me to be kind, caring and to use the golden rule, meaning treat others the way you wish to be treated. They always told me that if you were nice, kind, thoughtful, and caring to other people, they will like you and you would have more friends. This thought and belief is nothing out of the ordinary from others in…

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