Essay about The Decision Making Of Business Courses

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The questions attempted to get the subject to look at the decision as though they are yet to make it rather than in retrospect. Having made the decision definitely influenced his consideration of consequences. For example, he expressed remorse about his inability to engage in deeper conversation about politics, social sciences and even business because “that’s what people talk about, not math…” Furthermore, he is not enjoying many of the foundation courses in engineering, revealing that this was also the case in high school and that he had seem this coming. He eventually admitted that business courses “probably” would have been “more fun” overall. It is important to note that Elnawasrah’s consideration of these consequences were not observed but were predicted. He knew that he enjoyed business the most and in spite of this, selected engineering. Elnawasrah was very thorough in assessing the various consequences. He claims “very minor regret” towards engineering, and stands by his decision. It is important to acknowledge the limitations of any decision making model, and Elnawasrah recognized the impossibility to creating or selecting an all encompassing, perfect solution.
Elnawasrah’s decision boils down to quite a simple one. He eliminated the dominated alternative (economics) quite early into the interview, claiming that it “would have been nice to do econ, but it’s just not that challenging...” The tradeoff primarily weighs business versus engineering. After his objectives…

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