The Decision Making Model Provides A Systematic Approach For Making Decisions

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The PrOACT decision making model provides a systematic approach for making decisions. It consists of eight elements that when worked through systematically will help you make better decisions. The term PrOACT is an acronym of the five core elements of the decision model...Problem, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences, and Tradeoffs. The remaining three elements help clarify decisions in volatile or evolving environments... Uncertainty, Risk Tolerance and Linked Decisions. It is no secret that decisions are the foundation of our lives, but sometimes we don 't know how to go about making these decisions that shape our lives in numerous ways. The ProACT approach helps us to develop a confidence in our decisions by providing the ability to see both the tangible and intangible aspects of any situation in a clear manner by helping to translate all pertinent facts, feelings, opinions, beliefs, and advice into the most favorable outcome thus shaping positively shaping the journey through a person 's live. Accordingly, I have utilized the PrOACT method to examine one of the biggest decisions of my life to date, what to do after graduation. When I started this paper I thought that my largest problem was what to do after graduation, but after deep contemplation guided by the steps of PrOACT I have come to the conclusion that I had a much broader problem to resolve before I could effectively decide what to do I had to decide what the bigger picture looked like. I had to decide…

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