The Decision Making A Rational Ethical Decision Essay

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Multicultural Considerations
There are many things that must be considered when working in the helping profession. A few of the vignettes in chapter 4 have provided issues that may be addressed in the helping profession. These vignettes were challenging situations in which the group had to use the eight steps involved in making a rational ethical decision. As a group we went through the ethical decision-making process which involves the following steps: identifying the problem, define what ethical guideline that was used and what potential issues were involved, review the relevant ethics codes, describe any legal issues, suggested consultation, appropriate course of action, consequences, and what would be the overall best course of action. The last task for the group was to compromise on the best way to deals with each of the dilemmas.
The first case vignette that was discussed in the text was that of Claudine. The problem that was identified was that Claudine was being subjective to her own views and assumptions as it related to culture. As outlined in the presentation, she was bias to the “dominant culture”. Claudine claimed that silence may be appropriate for Latin American culture, which was the population that she had to mainly provide therapy to, but it was not appropriate for the American culture. She did not consider the culture of the clients that she served. There were a few ethical issues that had to be addressed with Claudine. One ethical issue was that she…

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