The Decision Makers Who Letting The Whole Social System Essay

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The Gatekeeper decides what information should move to group or individual and what information should not. Here, the gatekeeper are the decision makers who letting the whole social system. The gatekeeper is having its own influence like social, cultural, ethical and political. Based on personal or social influences they let the information to the group. Through this process the unwanted, sensible and controversial information’s are removed by the gate keeper which helps to control the society or a group and letting them in a right path. In home mother plays the vital role and she has to decide what their kid’s needs and what should avoid. (
This theory originally was presented in the field of psychology, and the food chain but quickly moved into the field of communications were news organizations used the principles to make decisions on what they should display in a world of vast amounts of news. What news to display was the problem and the Gatekeeper Theory helps in explaining how those decision are formulated thru a process that the individual or company have established to channel information in a way that they think be important to the company they are servicing. Today this theory is generally used by everyone even if they don’t realize it. (
The Original formation of the Theory by Lewin also provides that thru Gatekeeping we do several things one of which is…

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