Essay about The Decision Maker For Organ Transplant Cases

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As the lead surgeon in a major hospital, and by virtue of seniority and the key decision maker for organ transplant cases, involving Jerry, 55-year-old male, a family man and mid-level manager, Lisa 12-year-old female with lifelong health issues, Ozzy, 38-year-old male who happened to be a homeless drug abuser, and finally Dr.Doe, 35-year-old male an oncologist and also Lisa’s dad. Who are all waiting and hoping for suitable heart to become available and a quick sound decision to be made pertaining which of these patients will receive the heart and schedule surgery same day.
The most considered will be Dr. Doe, the 35-yearold male an oncologist and Lisa’s dad. This is because, despite the reason that, the organ is not tested for a match. Meaning is a fifty-fifty chance of survival. But if the organ transplant was successful, it will be of a greater good, and also result of the greater happiness for the Dr. Doe and the society in general. Being an oncologist, he will be more useful to the society and able to save more lives. Being a dad, his survival will also bring happiness to the daughter. “Utilitarianism calls on decision-makers to give great significance to happiness and unhappiness above all other considerations, and declares the equality of the happiness of all people while also tying individual happiness to community happiness” (Ruggiero, 2012). Looking at Dr. Doe attire, he seems to have come from a specific religion, but this is not basis because utilitarianism is a…

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