The Debate Surrounding Nuclear Power Essay

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The debate surrounding nuclear power has been a hot one for some time now. With the inevitable end of fossil fuels, many more people are starting to make a decision on what they believe is the best alternative. As students at the University of South Florida, we are often preoccupied by lesser issues such as final exams or better food on campus. However, we are here to better our future, and there are many ways we can while we are here. One of them just so happens to be getting involved in the nuclear energy debate. Nuclear energy has the power to single-handedly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet our growing energy needs. Using our voice to empower this argument could help create a better tomorrow not only for our generation, but the generations after us.
Nuclear energy is generated using radioactive decomposition to heat water into steam, which turns a turbine that generates electricity. The “core” of the nuclear reactor houses uranium, and is where nuclear fission takes place (“How Nuclear Power Works”). Nuclear fission is when an atom is split apart, and it creates massive amounts of energy. This energy is what heats the water and turns the turbine. Uranium is found in its natural state in the earth’s crust, where it is mined.
Many arguments against nuclear power claim that the energy is dangerous because it has to do with radioactive elements. But with today’s technology, we are fully equipped to safely handle and store radioactive materials. As of right now,…

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