Essay on The Debate Regarding Vaccinations And Children

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One of the most controversial topics among parents with small children today is the debate regarding vaccinations. Should parents vaccinate their children?

Parents should vaccinate their children because vaccinations can save the child’s life. For example, smallpox killed thousands of people in Europe in the eighteenth century. Once smallpox was caught, it would kill around a third of the victims and leave the survivors scarred or blinded. Polio, a virus that destroys nerve cells, used to threaten millions of people worldwide and at its peak, more than one thousand children a day were paralyzed, including their breathing muscles, which put them at a risk of suffocation. The only way to keep these children alive was to put them in a machine, called an “iron lung”, to help them breathe. Since vaccinations, the both of these diseases have been eradicated from most of the world. Diphtheria is another dangerous disease that has almost been eliminated since vaccinations. In 1940, there were 3,283 deaths from diphtheria. There were only two deaths from diphtheria between 1986 and 2002. There has also been a 99% reduction rate of Meningitis C since the start of the vaccination.

Vaccinations are also safe and effective to use. All vaccines must be licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to being used in the United States. A vaccine must go through extensive testing to show that it is safe before the FDA will approve it. Clinical trials are performed where…

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