The Debate Over Voting Rights Essay

1118 Words Nov 4th, 2016 5 Pages
A nation divided, will the United States ever unite as a whole? The real question at hand would be, why? Since the United States became a country, the country was already divided due to the different opinions that the founding fathers had. Still in the present time, one can find division in the country. For example, so many people express different views about the right of voting. Should non-citizens or immigrants have the right to vote? There have been so many arguments over who can and who cannot vote. The most recent controversy over voting rights would be the case of Shelby County vs. Holder. This case had very serious implications regarding those who had the right to vote in our country; in addition, there were many supporters of the case as well as those who opposed it, and a certain political party had so much to gain. Why would people argue over voting rights? Because, history proved that not all of the citizens were not permitted to vote. A look back in time would illustrate those who were discriminated against. In the year 1789, George Washington was sworn into office, but only White, male property owners had the right to vote. In 1870, Ulysses S. Grant adopted the 15th Amendment that allowed voting rights to all men regardless of color, race, or previous condition of servitude. Women did not have the right to vote, although, they petitioned it in Seneca Falls, N.Y. since 1848; moreover, it would take 62 more years until their voice was heard, and the 19th…

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