Essay on The Debate Over The Internet

1931 Words Oct 30th, 2014 8 Pages
The internet has only been influencing our current culture for a decade, and it has already become a more important catalyst for social development then thousands of years of cultural evolution. Internet connections have started to become the norm; even the poorest nations and peoples have some limited access to the vast wealth of information the internet offers. This accessibility of information is the exception, not the rule. Normally, education was only available to the richest in a society, which effectively concentrated and contained most knowledge to a small, rich population who used this education to maintain and grow their collective wealth. The wealthy, being the only ones with access to this information, could also mold the facts to say what they wanted. Anyone who opposed and disagreed with these “facts” had no way to fight, even with overwhelming empirical evidence. This is most exemplified through the “Reefer Madness” campaign of the 1940s, where the FBI ignored countless anecdotes from respected doctors about cannabis’ medicinal qualities. Now, the internet has started to break the cycle. As broadband connections become more common in poorer nations, global inequality will fall (“Broadband Access Promote Equality”). And because of the nature of the internet, that it is governed by its users and not by a source of power, the information available is more reliable and resistant to bias. Early influences of the internet’s power are already visible. The war on…

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