The Debate Over The Euthanasia Essay

1045 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
Euthanasia in our society always creates strong and emotive arguments. Heated debates have taken place in the House of Commons over the years, with the hopes of following Switzerland and other countries in the legislation of assisted dying. There are excellent reasons both for and against assisted dying which is why it is proven to be such an on going debate.

As the common phrase says ‘desperate times calls for desperate measures,’ If assisted dying was legalised it could stop those who are suffering from resorting to desperate measures in times of desperation. To be terminally ill or to have a life-limiting illness or disability there would be a large scale of suffering for those involved which assisted dying would put an end to (Mason, 2014). We ought to have the right to decide our own fate in life, we should have the option to live as long as we feel our lives are worth living (NHS, 2014). To have to reach the end of a life in certain conditions like not being able to feed, wash or toilet ourselves is a very undignified thought which many of us would rather not contemplate, euthanasia would protect us and those around us from that ending. Those who are terminally ill have a poor future ahead of them and are certain to meet an insufferable end so for them to be able to take control in the earlier stages will give them some comfort and a dignified end to their life. Freedom of speech is something that everyone should be entitled to especially when it comes to a choice on…

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