The Debate Over The Death Penalty Essay

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Up until the 20th century juveniles has been tried as adults for certain offenses, and even now there are certain instances where we see juveniles being held to the same standards as adults in the courtroom. But, should a juvenile really be put through the same process as adults and given the same punishments? Is it fair for a 15 year old boy who shot and killed the school bully to be facing the same consequence and punishment as a 37 year old adult man who shot and killed his wife and kids? Is it fair for a 17 year old to be faced with the death penalty? The debate as to whether a minor should face the same criminal penalties as adults has been an ongoing discussion. Even with the development of juvenile courts and putting juveniles though a different system it still seems to be of huge debate. Juveniles can be classified as minors under the age of 17, however they can be categorized differently depending on the types of crimes in which they commit. On one hand you have status offenders. These are minors who become subject to state authority for committing actions that would not be considered illegal if committed be an adult. These are actions such as running away or violating curfew. On the other hand is Delinquency, which refers to a minor who has been found to have violated the penal code. According to law, they are to be kept separated from adult offenders, receive different treatment than adults, dealt with by some form of juvenile courts, and their charges are to be…

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