The Debate Over Stem Cell Research Essay examples

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Introduction Stem cell research has caused a great deal of controversy throughout the past several decades. Stem cells are unique because they can develop into different cell types in the body. While the stem cell is dividing, the new cells that are being created can turn into specialized cells, such as, brain cells or red blood cells. As a result, the specialized stem cells could help people suffering from a plethora of diseases, specifically Alzheimer’s disease. Despite the many benefits of stem cells for Alzheimer’s, there are also many disadvantages of stem cells for Alzheimer’s. The advancing field of stem cell research has caught the attention of millions of people, and the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in depth, to conclude which argument is stronger.

Body Paragraphs To begin, there is a history behind stem cell research. In 1961, scientists, by the name of Till and McCulloch, created the foundation for stem cell science. Then, in 1974 the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research was created. For the next ten years, there were several efforts that were made to try to end embryonic stem cell research. Congress made several attempts to fund stem cell research, although most of those efforts were shut down. The largest effort to stop stem cell research came in 2001, when “ President Bush prohibited federally funding of human embryonic stem cell research” (Stem Cell Timeline, n.d.). As a result, many Americans…

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