Essay on The Debate Over Stem Cell Research

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Stem cell research has caused tremendous controversy over the latest years. Because embryonic stem cells are pluripotent and undifferentiated, they have the potential to become any cell in the adult body and are present in all living organisms. Tissue (adult) stem cells are taken from specific parts of the body, but can only give rise to their tissue of origin. These tissue cells are used naturally by the body to replace damaged cells. Research into both of these types of cells seems very promising for the future of science as it means they could be used to treat devastating medical conditions. Despite the clear benefit that stem cell research shows, controversy surrounds the sources and methods used to carry out this research. Those who oppose embryonic stem cell research generally follow the Catholic faith, or the morals surrounding it. They believe that embryos have a soul and therefore the destruction of one is murder. They also consider that if embryonic stem cell research were to prosper, embryos would be created only to be destroyed, thus creating a modern day genocide. The ethical debate mainly focuses on the question “Is a human embryo of less than 14 days old a human person?” It is, therefore, crucial that scientists address any ethical issues while carrying out authorised research.
One of the strongest arguments for the use of stem cells is that, by using them for research, we can save millions of people suffering from horrendous, tragic illnesses, such as…

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