Essay The Debate Over Stem Cell Research

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Imagine a world where people change God’s intentions. Imagine people picking at what God created and wanted for humanity. Science is changing His intentions. People are messing with humanity and the natural occurrences that happen all of the time. Scientists are using stem cells to mess with the embryos they come from and diseases common all around the world. This topic is so popular people feel that “a fixation on it alone has come at the cost of many other important issues being overlooked or, at the very least, under-examined” (Lysaght, Tamra, and Alastair V. Campbell 251). Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can be transformed into any type of cell (Rebecca). Scientists take these cells to make new cells, tissues, and organs to implant into humans. For many years, the controversy over the morals and ethics of stem cell research has greatly increased all over the world (“The Stem Cell Debates” 9). Stem cell research creates too many problems for any potential benefits to outweigh it. This research is unreasonable for many reasons. Stem cell research kills human embryos, argues morals, and has negative attributes. Stem cells are taken from human embryos for scientists to collect data. It is their main source to take them from even though they have other places where they can be collected (Beltrame 385). While science states embryos do not have the right to life (Siegel), many people argue that they are human from the conception, therefore, have the right to live…

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