The Debate Over Stem Cell Research Essay

1249 Words Dec 20th, 2015 5 Pages
If anyone has ever been severely injured, seriously ill or has cancer, stem cells may help repair the damage or cure the disease. For instance, a leukemia patient can undergo a stem cell transplant and be cured of cancer. Stem cell research has made several advances in the medical field. It has helped and even cured many people with serious diseases and illnesses. Even though stem cell research has benefited many people, it has also been associated with negative controversy. Stem cell research has a long history of controversy. Stem cells have been used in medical research to advance the medical community in finding cures for many diseases and treating illnesses. There are ethical and moral issues surrounding stem cell research. This mostly has to do with the use of embryonic stem cells. Many people feel that life begins at conception, therefore destroying an embryo for stem cell research is felt to be ending human life. Even though there are ethical and religious controversy surrounding stem cell research, one may argue that stem cell research is beneficial for the medical community. Stem cells have properties that allow the cells to become specific cell types, which means there is a possibility of a damaged cell to become healthy again. A lot of research is done on embryonic stem cells because they have the potential to become any tissue or organ, which gives them unique properties. There have been numerous ways in which people have benefited from stem cell…

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