The Debate Over Gun Control Essay

1326 Words Nov 6th, 2015 6 Pages
Violence is constantly one of the main stories on the news. Acts of violence, crimes and murders spilling across the screen daily not only take toll on the victims but the officers involved and the public witnessing these incidents. These acts make violence a strong topic in debates and in campaigning for political officers. According to many politicians reducing violence is the path to success for our democratic system. To accomplish this goal the United States would have to reduce the means by which many of these violent acts occur; weapons, specifically guns. The debate over gun control has been a key discussion point in the United States for many years. The controversy grew after the killing of the schoolchildren in Connecticut, in December of 2012. After this event the Obama administration began limiting the availability of military-style weapons and many policies have been established, placing many different variables on gun purchasing and owning. These variables range from background checks to gun safety classes. I believe that guns should be controlled. Citizens do have the right to bear arms, but I believe a citizen should prove that they are responsible enough to own a weapon. An individual should have to pass a background check, they should have to go to and pass safety classes regularly, and individuals should be mental sound in order to purchase and own a weapon. Despite what many believe, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Meaning it isn’t the gun…

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