The Debate Over Gun Control Essay

1026 Words Apr 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Gun control can go both ways. Either you completely support guns, or are utterly against them. There is an in between, but that does not really matter in this case, mostly because the in between people most likely do not care. In the many articles that I have read, it seems there are more people for the ban of guns rather than letting them just go around and be easily bought like they are now. I will bring up the pros and cons of having and not having guns. What America would be like if we did not have any guns at all, and what the critics have to say about both sides of the argument. The biggest pro I have seen so far is that gun control deters crime. Being able to carry a gun with you at all times makes most people feel safer than not having the weapon on them. The chance of a woman getting raped, or someone getting mugged, or any countless of things decrease with a person being able to carry a gun on them (“Concealed Guns”, 2016). Citizens that are smart enough to carry a gun on themselves should be responsible enough as well. If you are wanting to carry, then you should be mentally healthy and know that you are stable enough to be able to have an extremely dangerous weapon on you. If you are not using it, it should always be put up in high areas if you live with younger kids, and should also have it hidden at all times just in case a depressed teenager comes along and decides to take it, or even if an intruder breaks in and can easily find it. Yes you may feel safer…

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