The Debate Over Gun Control Essay

1048 Words Dec 16th, 2015 5 Pages
In the past few years gun control has been a heated debate in America. Several of the recent mass shootings and tragedies have stirred up much controversy over gun laws. Many argue for tighter, stricter gun control laws while others will argue quite the opposite. Personally, I believe that there are other issues in the United States that need to be regulated and watched more carefully than gun violence. There are other causes of death with higher death tolls than gun violence that are being ignored. The spotlight needs to be shined on these other causes of deaths and not gun violence. The US accounts for half of the guns in the entire world although the US only accounts for five percent of the world population ( Each year there are approximately 30,000 gun related deaths ( This may seem outrageous but 300,000 people die from obesity each year ("The Obesity Crisis in America") , that is ten times as many deaths that gun related crimes are responsible for. Additionally, there are about thirty deaths a day that involve drunk drivers ( Throughout the United States there are countless cases of death each day caused by humans themselves in which are not being regulated or controlled by the government more heavily than guns are. As of right now there are no steps being taken in order to control alcohol consumption or calorie intake per day despite drunk driving and obesity…

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