The Debate Over Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control

During recent elections the Second Amendment was at the center of many political debates. Anti-gun politicians used the horrible examples of recent school shootings and terrorist acts such as the Florida night club shooting to scare people into increasing gun control. On the other hand, pro-Second Amendment politicians used scare tactics of losing the right to bear arms and the fear to not be able to fight if need be, to try to win votes. A deeper understanding of the arguments of both sides is critical to reaching an opinion and voters must research beyond the surface arguments provided by both sides. Gun control is a controversial topic because it is so extreme on both ends. On the side of pro-gun control they say that guns kill people and guns make people crazy. But you and I both know guns don’t just shoot people and they don’t have the “power” to make people just go crazy and do bad things such as walking into a night-club and kill men and women. Or even worse walk into a school of young kids and kill dozens of little children. On the other side with anti-gun control they think just the opposite really. That it’s not the guns that are crazy and kill people but the crazy person holding the gun. Anti-gun control people also fear not being able to protect themselves and their families. Both are valid arguments but what is the correct answer? There are multiple arguments as to why or if guns should be regulated and controlled. One of those arguments…

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