Essay on The Debate Over Free Will

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The Debate over Free Will

The view of free will has been heavily debated in the field of philosophy. Whether humans possess free will or rather life is determined. With the aid of James Rachels ' article, The Debate over Free Will, it is clearly revealed that human lives are "both determined and free at the same time" (p.482, Rachels), thus, in line with the ideas of compatibilist responses. Human 's actions are based on certain situations that are causally determined by unexpected events, forced occurrence, and certain cases that causes one to outweigh the laws of cause and effect. The article also showcases instances where free will does exist. When human actions are being based on one 's emotions of the situation, desire, and simply that humans are creatures that are created to have intellectual reasoning. I argue, that Rachels’ article, provides helpful evidence on compatibilists responses that demonstrate the freewill and determinism actions come into play with each other.

In Compatibilist Response in the article Problems from Philosophy by James Rachels, he examines the topic of free will and determinism. Although determinism interprets as actions that are caused by uncontrollable forces that are predicted by events before it and free will is construed that an agent can perform an action autonomously without anything outside of their control directing that action, it is compatible. Additionally, compatibilism acknowledges the perception that our actions and…

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