Essay on The Debate On The Ethics Of Euthanasia

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There are other key reasons that also lead people to become unaccepting of death, one of which being advancements in modern medicine and science. As mentioned above, common illnesses and diseases such as pneumonia, that once proved to be fatal for many, no longer play a large risk due to modern medicine. People today are not as quick to die from illnesses as they once were, instead there are cures available, or at least treatments that can hold off death for a number of years. This results in people believing that they can run from death. Another reason is palliative care and the ongoing debate on the ethics of euthanasia. People who are terminally ill or otherwise suffering from a painful or incurable disease that can affect their ability to live a normal and happy life, will in cases argue to have euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide as an option, so they can end their suffering and die on their own terms. The argument surrounding this is that some people consider life to be too valuable for it to be taken away, and euthanasia “constitute an unacceptable affront to the supreme value of the sanctity of life” (Somerville, 2014, pp.101). The other side of the argument is that these people often end up living painful, miserable lives, and often will attempt suicide on their own terms; and therefore should be allowed to have the option of a painless physician-assisted death. However, there is also the case that people simply do not want to die, and want to try and expand…

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