Essay about The Debate Of Stem Cell Research

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Medicine is constantly changing and evolving as we grow in our advancement with technology and our understand of the body. For decades, however, there has been a general agreement that some diseases will never be cured - like cancer or Alzheimer’s. Thanks to an important discovery made only a century ago, the curability of these diseases, and other future diseases, is being challenged by a new cure all called stem cells. The term “stem cell” has been around for a quite some time, even though the actual understanding of these cells is relatively new. First used in 1868, by the biologist Ernst Haeckel, it was used to describe the extremely broad topic of egg fertilization ( Now used in a variety of different ways, stem cell research has come a far way since the term was first coined, and is now used in a variety of different ways, and promises to yield even more uses and curse in the future. However, recently many people have been arguing against the morality of using these cells to carry out research, and have been lobby against it. The purpose of this paper is to show how useful, and in some cases necessary stem cells are; without any restriction on the research the possibilities are endless. Although there are some that find a moral problem with the use of stem cell research, the benefits that it provides will help to continue advancing medicine in the future.
Stem cells are defined as an immature cell that can be taken out of its original form and…

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