The Deaths Of The United States Essay

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One of the leading most cause for deaths in the United States is Alzheimer’s. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “ It’s the only cause of death in the top ten in America that cannot be prevented, cured, or slowed”( This disease is responsible for the largest amount of mental impairment, along with nursing and care home admittance. With Alzheimer’s the biggest impact is on the person’s memory and their behavior. It’s extremely difficult on the person but even more so on the family members. They can only watch as a loved one disappears right in front of their eyes, while Alzheimer’s erases everything the person is, fading into the hallucinations. Even with the horribleness of the disease there is still hope due to the research and development in technology and medicine. It was in the early nineteen hundreds when Alzheimer’s was first discovered. A women with severe dementia died and an autopsy was performed on her brain. The physician who performed the autopsy was Alois Alzheimer. During his procedure he discovered that the brain had changes in the cellular brain tissue, which he was able to see because of the development of new microscopic views. He also noticed that the gray matter in the brain had signs of atrophy, and also in the neuro fibers and plaques that cause the neurons to make connections. This is one of the definitive sign of Alzheimer’s used for diagnosis today. Even after these
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