The Deaths Of Eric Garner And Mike Brown

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When I heard about the deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown I was shocked, horrified and disappointed. However nothing compered to the disappointment I felt reading that a grand jury in both cases decided not to indict. Especially since in the Eric Garner case there was a video showing that the police used excessive force for no reason. That night when I went home I started discussing the verdict with my family and my father stated that he didn’t have to die but that’s what happens when you don’t listen to the police. I was outraged and couldn’t believe what he was saying. My father went on to state that it didn’t matter if you are innocent even if a police officer is targeting you, when they say do something you do it because they are the …show more content…
Both victims are black males that were murdered in broad daylight by white police officers that a grand jury failed to indict. However the biggest similarity between the two cases is that they are both being blamed for their deaths. The public has chose to excuse any criminal activity that the officers committed and solely focus on the actions of the victims. This type of behavior just shows how deep institutional racism runs in this county “ Emmett Till should not have whistled at a white woman. Amadou Diallo should not have reached for his wallet. Trayvon Martin should not have been wearing a hoodie. Jonathan Ferrell should not have run toward the police after getting into a car accident. Renisha McBride should not have been drinking or knocked on a stranger 's door for help in the middle of the night. Jordan Davis should not have been playing loud rap music. Michael Brown should not have stolen cigarillos or allegedly assaulted a cop” . In How to Blame the Victim William Ryan explained the concept of blaming the victim by giving an example that he considers extreme “What was Pearl Harbor doing in the Pacific?” However after reading the way the public felt about these cases it was like they were asking what the Pearl Harbor was doing in the

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